Faithy’s Glossier Review

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Soooo… I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that the Glossier launch in the UK took the entire country by storm.

I felt like I was endlessly scrolling through Flat Lays and before-and-afters of Face wash, Skin Tints and Super Packs! My Instagram and Twitter feeds were all-things-Glossier and I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t hate it!
I didn’t hate it so much so, that of course I have to do my own damn order to see what all the fuss was about.

Verdict? OH WOW YES WOW! 

So I thought I’d give you my review of my top 3 picks from my order and the Glossier products I think you definitely can’t live another day of your life without!

Perfecting Skin Tint
I first heard about this when Lydia Elise Millen Vlogged about it on YouTube talking about how it has become her Go-To  product for when she isn’t particularly feeling like a face of makeup, but needs some sort of light coverage for the day.
Now, I listened to Lydia when she ranted and raved about the By Terry CC Lumi Serum in Sunny Flash and, as I constantly sound like a broken record on the subject of  this CC Serum, you guys are familiar with the fact that I CANNOT AND WILL NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT. So when that same person that gave me the By Terry glow suggests another skin product, I jump on that thing, ASAP.

First of all, don’t have a miniature panic attack when you see the size of the bottle.
It is surprisingly TINY. So much so that I actually thought they’d sent me the wrong size as a mistake. That is probably the only criticism I have for it, which is actually a compliment because I love the product so much that I’m flying through it!
So, Dear Glossier, make the damn Perfecting Skin Tiny Tint bottle bigger, please!

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If you are a fan of a light, She-not-even-wearing-makeup-and-her-skin-is-still-so-flawless finish, (let’s be real.. who isn’t, duh) this is your thing!
It is light, it is justtttt the perfect amount of dewy and doesn’t give you that weird sweaty glow that some skin tints give you. It’s just a beautiful, easy finish. I use my (clean!!!) hands to sort of rub it in like moisturiser annddd…. Voila! Perfectly blended, perfectly dewy, perfectly: ‘Girl, DID you just wake up in Perfect Skin Heaven?’
Yeah, Girl. I did!

Here’s a picture of my face with nothing but the skin tint on.

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Mmmm. I lie, there is a filter over that… Purely for aesthetic feed purposes! Hah!
Oh and I’m wearing mascara. Another lie. Okay, thats all the lies!

However, if you are looking for a foundation, this definitely is not one.
Its not going to give you massive coverage. It is literally just that super natural veil over your skin that gives you that ‘little somethin’ somethin’’ that you need when you don’t feel like wearing makeup.
Personally, I think its gorgeous.

Stretch Concealer
I was sitting here thinking of a reason why I ordered this. I planned to start the paragraph in one of the following manners:

“I have been looking for a new concealer for autumn….”

“I ran out of a new concealer and since I was doing a Glossier order…”

“It’s important to change up your makeup routine sometimes by…”

But no. None of them are true.

I bought this new concealer because I, Olivia Faith, am a true, real, honest concealer hoarder.
I hoard them.

I hold onto old ones, fill my Boots basket with drugstore ones, click Add-To-Cart to luxury brand ones that I’ve seen on Instagram but don’t even really want.
I just do those sorts of things. And I really don’t know why.

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So, true to my hoarding nature, while I was busy drowning in a pool full of concealer AKA my makeup bag. I purchased YET ANOTHER to add to the collection hoard.

But, I actually really like this one!

A tinsey tiny bit goes a long, long way. And paired with the skin tint they are some kind of dewy, light-coverage skin marriage. If I am looking like I need that extra shot of coffee and need that little bit extra coverage with my skin tint, I dab a tiny bit under the eyes or over any blemishes and that has literally been my 5 minute every day face routine of late.


Alas! Buying a concealer that I didn’t even need proved to be a great idea! Once again, lesson not learned! Woo!

Super Glow Serum
I actually got the entire Super Pack when I placed my order. And as much as I love the Super Bounce and Super Pure serums as well, I always found myself grabbing the Super Glow and absolutely loving it!

This stuff is packed with Vitamin C [AAP]. Which in human language, is: WOW STUFF THAT BLOODY WORKS.
Online it claims that it ‘helps reduce dark spots and creates a smoother, light-reflective skin’. And I feel like it actually does.

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I am pretty grateful for the state of my skin, I’ll only get a spot or two maybe twice a month, but my issue is because I’m so pale (Hollllaaaa all you almost-transparent-skinned peeps, I got your backkkk!) with a spot that comes around for a day, I end up dealing with a tiny red dot for a week or so afterwards. Which isn’t the end of the world especially thanks to items 1 and 2 on this list (refer to above), but I actually love 100% makeup-free days but can’t stannnnd those little pesky left overs!
I really do feel like this serum made a difference to them. And I really do believe that as well as reducing dark spots, it did create a smoother, light-reflective skin texture.
This is not a paid/sponsored add, either. This is a legit as O-Faith opinion!

Just a side note too:
Ummmm WOW cutest packaging of all of eternity. Like wow and seriously. I got a sample of their Glossier You Fragrance. One that apparently smells different on everyone adjusting to your body. It is TDF.
Glossier You is waiting in my online basket ready to press ORDER.
Also you get a flippin’ page of stickers which is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever known.

In a nut shell, I am so glad my Instagram and twitter feeds were choked by Flat Lays and selfies of all-things-Glossier, because without that, I wouldn’t have been jealous enough of all the fun everyone was having to buy them.
So, in the end my Jealousy Bug came in strong at 1st place.

Jealousy Bug: 1
Bank Account: 0

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Summary: Success and Muchos Yes.
I’m doing another order soon to pick up a couple of the things I left out of this order, like the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Glossier You, Cloud Paint and Boy Brow.
Because I clearly have a big problem with this Jealousy Bug.

Send Help!

What Glossier Products have you tried and loved?

Olivia Forever-Jealous-Of-Any-Kind-Of-Skincare-Product Faith

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