Faith’s How To: Have a Healthy Relationship with Instagram. The Instagram Algorithm, Social Media Pressures and Staying Sane!

“Faithy, just read your insta bio (@oliviafaithofficial Incase ya’ll wanna jump on that amazing bandwagon…. DO IT! I DARE YA!) Social Media Strategist? Like wtf girl, like what, like what’s that even?!”
You all say to me.

It means I spend a lot of time on Instagram. And I mean, a-freakin’-lot a lot.
And I absolutely love it.

Not only did I work my booty off for a degree in this weird online world that’s now a total thing…. But basically, I get to play around on Instagram for my job, and that is preeeeeeetty dope AF. I’m a Lucky-ass Duck.

When working with cool, talented, creative and motivated people, it is so normal for myself and my clients to go through the usual roller coaster of emotions.

Buzzing about content coming up, anxious about photoshoots being ruined by the London rain (Lol thats like 90% of my life) and sometimes completely devvo and frustrated when you put your heart and soul into content and it doesn’t get the engagement it deserves.
They are all totally normal and pretty regular, day-to-day emotions.

However, unfortunately I have also worked with and come across a fair few Insta Peeps who have completely become a victim to their social media accounts. The quality of their life totally revolves around how many likes, views, follows or comments they get every day.

Now, just a quick side note/disclaimer/I don’t know what to call this:

I love Instagram, I love blogging, I actually love social media as an entire industry. It Is fascinating, ever-expanding and gives so many people sitting at the end of a smartphone the opportunity to make a more-than substantial career with the simple upload of a picture. Anything with that amount of freedom and creativity blows my mind! I love it.
I am also aware I am a regular Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Blog user. So, I am in no way bad-mouthing the industry or trying to throw shade at it, this industry is my actual pay cheque. I’m not that stupid!
This is just my opinion and rant that (hopefully) can help some of the people out there who may feel a little tied down to their social media accounts, or may be feeling pressured or uninspired by them.

It’s all love here, my people!

This post is about how to help keep your relationship with Instagram, a healthy one, according to moi, a (quite obviously) big fan and (kinda) non-professional!

Lesson 1. (Healthy) Compete, don’t Compare.

A close friend of mine once said that to me and it never really clicked until I moved into an industry in such a competitive environment with soooo much talent and beauty and fitness and puppy goals, that I actually got it.
It’s not healthy to compare you, your life, your body, your followers, your eating habits, your hair, your talents, your outfits and/or your puppy with anyone’s Instagram account.

Comparison is a literal one-way-ticket to an insecure, blubbering mess, one that is far worse than Kim K’s crying face and incredibly detrimental to your real mental stability.

Correct: Inspiration is a brilliant thing.
Correct: You should be engaging with other accounts and putting the social in social media (slightly the whole point of it all, in case you thought the whole point of this world was the Selfie… which I thought it was… So dw).
Correct: You are passionate about your content and growing your influence so reeeaaallly want it to do well.

But that is very different to becoming overly obsessed with comparing your looks, stats and images to other influencers.

Whenever clients come to me comparing themselves to other influencers with more followers or engagement I always try to shift their focus away from other people and back onto them.
It isn’t about any other influencer having it all and you not quite being there yet, it’s about how you can have it all with bloody hard work, and not a dime less!

Lesson 1 Take away Tip: Keep your head down and stop worrying about what other people are doing. Stay focussed and use that energy to work hard and push yourself and your content instead. Its a wayyyyyy better use of time and energy, TRUST!

Lesson 2. Quality over Quantity.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term Microinfluencer. If not…
… now you have. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Microinfluencers are influencers on social media accounts who have less followers but a higher engagement rate. And trust me, it is a THING. Brands are more frequently moving away from super-influencers and looking at the smaller, up-and-coming influencers who cost less but still have a broad reach and authentic connection to their followers.

Lesson 2 MAJOR Take away Tip: When you get down about your followers, focus on shifting towards true engagement with the followers you do have. Not only will you enjoy Instagram more and build a stronger community around you, but you never know which brands are on the hunt for a Microinfluencer with rich engagement. CONVERSE and have REAL CONVERSATION, get to know these flippin’ people and show them you actually give a damn about them following you and taking the time to like and comment on your images. Be a human being connecting with other human beings. That is what brands look for and that is what influence is.

Lesson 3. What you give, you get. This means a couple different things to me.
Are you motivated to get up on a Saturday and write your blog post and shoot your content?
Can’t be bothered growing organically so you spend a couple hundred buying 10k followers and then feel devvo when brands aren’t contacting you because you can’t average 100 likes on an image?

What you put into your blog and Instagram account, you will get out of it. If you’re thinking of giving yourself a head start by buying a couple of followers in there, you are paying for an invisible number to sit on top of your profile.Aka. Zero substance.
Aka. Zero likes because they aren’t real people.
Aka. No engagement.
Aka. No collaborations.

Guys, it really, really is that simple. If you’re working a full-time job, spending your Saturdays creating flat lays, and up at 8am getting ready for a photoshoot at 10am on a Sunday to get your week’s content before you go back to work on Monday.

Lesson 3 Take away Tip: There is no secret trick to authentic engagement these days. Unfortunately it is as simple as that. Back in the day people were able to buy a couple thousand followers and brands weren’t as savvy in picking up on it. These days as competition thickens, brands are getting smarter and its getting difficult to get away with it! If you’re putting the work in, you’ll get the rewards out! So, roll up your sleeves and get crackin’, Cutie!

Lesson 4. Roll through the down times. Engagement loves to play Hard to Get, especially since Instagram changes its algorithm every 5 seconds which every blogger I know is TOTALLY cursing about.
Thats an entire other blog post that is too traumatic to get into right now.
This algorithm mess-up means you’ll find that sometimes your likes will be in the hundreds and sometimes you’ll be struggling to clear 80-90.
That is what I like to to call NORMAL.
It is also totally normal to get frustrated and feel discouraged, because you obviously try really hard to create beautiful content, or a brand has sponsored you for a post and your engagement is abnormally low. That absolutely sucks.
But there is only one way to beat the engagement game, and thats by engaging. If you’re unhappy with your fitness, is the best idea to stop working out? If you don’t know how to ride a bike, is the best option to just stop learning?
You better be answering NO. Otherwise what are you even doing on my page. Haha!
The only way out is THROUGH. If you stop posting and stop engaging, the only thing that will do is lower the momentum behind your account which = less engagement anyways.

This algorithm thing is not going away anytime soon (that my research has led me to believe, anyways!). It is going to frustrate the life out of – All the time. You have to roll through the crappy engagement times, keep engaging with those that are engaging with you and keep creating and posting your content because it is always a phase and as long as your content is great and you’re engaging properly, it will eventually shift and go straight back to the usual 300-400 likes, or whatever your average is.

Lesson 4 Take away Tip: Don’t let the algorithm get you down. Numbers aren’t everything, remember? If you love your content and are posting it for the love and creativity, post anyways. The cycle will reverse, the pendulum will swing back the other way and your likes will be back to normal, if not higher in no time. Rebel against the algorithm continue with your content and DO YOU. Brands are becoming more and more aware of the algorithm situation, as well! They aren’t silly and most the time, they too feel the wrath of the wretched system.
So, keep doing what you’re doing and in the meantime we’ll all be praying for our chronological feeds to come back!

That’s it from Faithy, you dream people!
I love Instagram, I love that you love Instagram.

But we can only create our best work if we have a clear mind, are focused on our own goals and the creation of beautiful content every day.

What we put in is what we get out, so get clear about why you want this, follow it and create content alongside that! YOU CAN DO IT BECAUSE YOU GO GLEN CO-CO!

Happy reading, Cutie McCutes. You’re a bunch of gems and I bloody love you all.




YO! Thought it was over? Don’t be silly! You know you get more than your money’s worth on All-Things! You get All the fricken Things! Hence the name!!

If you need help with your insta strategy or just wanna work with me because I’m literally the Coolest Cat on the block (duh)/wanna be my Insta Bestie, shoot me an email on the contact me page and let’s see how I can help!

You da bees knees!

Thanks for hanging out! 😘

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