Faithy’s Take on Cosmetic Procedures

So sorry to break it to you all… But we’re all growing older.
Oh? You guys had no idea at all?
Noooo, see, you had it all wrong. You don’t all just look younger every year like the Kardashians, (or Benjamin Button, who was the traditional inventor of that technique). Yeah, no.
Thats not really normal.
Its more just this weird little trap they call ‘Adult Life’.
Its kind of like when a new movie shows all the best bits in the ads for it, so then when you get to the movie you’re just like “Oh…. So that was it, yeah?”
And then that really is just it. 
SO we’re all ageing and changing day-by-day, year-by-year and once you cross 25, it preeeetty much feels like hour-by-hour, to be honest 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

But, when it comes to ageing and growing older, I never really thought about it until a year-or-so ago.
Mainly because I’m 20-flippin’ 5 now. 25. TWENTY FIVE. 10 + 10 + 5.
A quarter of a century.
Like, I can’t. I swear to God I’m still eating Vegemite toast for dinner most days, forever  feeling (and behaving) no-where-near ready to be an adult (Mum, can you call in sick to Adult Life for me, I don’t wanna show up, hey!).

After 25 years on the planet, a collection of dangerously high cortisol levels, way too many country and city moves under my belt and enough top-secret industry gossip to write 13 novels about, I feel like I get what people mean when they say “I’m 16 going on 20”, because I definitely resonate with being 25 going onto my 57th birthday 👵🏼

In saying that, ageing is something I’m comfortable with. Basically because I know its unavoidable – secretly I’m praying one scientist somewhere is creating a pill that can keep you at about 22 forever. Anyone?! 😩
But, like I said…. I’m comfortable with it… just. 🙃

As a Millennial who crossed the 2-5 hurdle, the incredible invention of social media means there are also many questions we’re faced with and ‘pressures’, if you will, when it comes to the prevention of anything’s in the cosmetic procedure world.

“Should I get Botox?
Do I need fillers?
Yeah, but why is her booty so big and legs so skinny?
How did she loose all that weight?
Are they fricken crowe’s feet around my eyes?
* GOOGLES * How do you do an eyebrow lift?
When do you start “preventative” Botox?”

And thats just by the time I’ve finished my morning coffee, you know what I’m saying?! ☕️🐸

Not only do we have so many cosmetic procedures at our finger tips (you can literally book a botox appointment while scrolling through Instagram), but we live in a time where we are lucky enough that all procedures are so widely accepted in our community.
Now more than ever Botox is a common conversation, its no longer people’s dirty little secrets, its like a shared, proud experience. Seriously, if a girl gives you her Botox lady’s name, she a keeper!
It’s almost cooler to have invasive cosmetic procedures than to not, and to be perfectly honest with you….I absolute love that it is!
I am all for people sprucing themselves up, making themselves feel good and feeling confident in their own skin.
I much prefer that than spending hours Face-tuning your photos and never being able to meet anyone in real life because you’re afraid they’re not going to recognise you.

And sorry, I talk too much, its just a real thing. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Body Procedures

BODY PROCEDURES, DONT TELL ME FAITHY HAS HAD BOOTY INJECTIONS?! 😱😂🙅🏼‍♀️ …….. I wish!! Then at least I wouldn’t have to be killing my life away at the gym…. 😩 a gal can dream, yeah?! 🍑😍

I haven’t had anything injected into my booty and I sure-as-hell don’t have boobs big enough to have had a boob job 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Thats just me though.

But……. I have had laser hair removal. And this cosmetic procedure is one I honestly cannot sing enough praise about. If I was to say it totally, absolutely 100% changed my whole entire life, I wouldn’t be lying at all, not even a lil, tiny, mini bit. 



Changer 👏🏼

I started laser when I was actually quite young. I think I was about 19.
And I have absolutely never ever looked back.
Talk about helping a girl out!
You can get anything done, from underarms to bikini, to legs, arms, everything!
I have set a goal for myself next year to get my legs done top-to-bottom.
My life goal is to one day be as hairless as a naked mole rat all over my body, I promise you that is an actual life goal of mine. Thats how I will have known I’ve made it. 😂

But, in all honesty it gives you SUCH freedom. For example, I literally cannot remember the last time I shaved under my arms 🤔 And it is a total game changer for bikini lines and little places where shaving can cause all sorts of irritations. I’m telling you guys, you were wondering if a perfect world existed for us gals? It does.
Its called laser hair removal.
Trust. Ya. Girl. Faithy.
I’ll never, ever let you down!

Like I said, Game Changer and something I recommend to all my friends, who are probably reading this and heaving at being sick of me talking about it 😂😂😂

Okayyyyy movin’ onnnnnnn 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼

Facial Procedures.

I am yet to have anything done on my face. And I am absolutely not opposed to it.
I’d love to have a tiny bump on my nose filled with filler one day that you can sometimes see in photos. But i’m not in a rush and you can only really see it if I’ve lost a lot of weight and my face is a little less rounded than it can be, or if the light catches me at an annoying angle (good side- bad side dramas, ya know?).
So I’m not in a major rush to get that done.

I know Botox and fillers for fine lines and wrinkles are amazing, which I’m all for. I also know they are preventative, which I am also all for (have ya seen my heaving skincare collection, anyone?)
But, if I’m going to be so honest with you all. The reason I haven’t had anything like that done is because I am absolutely SO scared about it.
Scared for two reasons:

I have watched countless videos of people having it done and I have even been sitting next to my friends watching them have it done.
And for God Sake I literally can’t cope! It looks so painful 😩
I can see the poor little things wincing and squinting and to be honest putting myself under that really doesn’t enthuse me 😩
I am a big fat cry baby and I know it, and I know that day-by-day (or hour-by-hour now that I’ve crossed the 2-5 mark) my fine lines are getting worse and wrinkles getting deeper.
But JEEEEEEEZZZZZZ, I don’t know if I could cope sitting in that chair watching those big ass needles heading my way. 😩💉

Someone would have to sedate me and I am NOT JOKING 😩

I have severe commitment issues. Severe.
This is why I don’t diet and choose to work for myself because the thought of me being locked into something gives me actual anxiety sometimes and I cannot cope.

When it comes to Botox and fillers, I know it’s a commitment thing. Everyone that I talk to says “Once you start you can’t stop!” and slowly I feel the nervous sweats coming on! The last time I didn’t listen to something like that was when my mum told me not to start dying my hair black because my regrowth would be bright blonde and I’d have to get it coloured all the time….. I ended up having black hair for 8 years and getting my roots done every 4 weeks because it was not even cute at all.
So basically traumatised from that point and now my commitment issues are standing in the way of my could-be youthful glow 😂😂😂

They are my top 2 reasons, basically to put them both in a nut shell:
I’m a Lil Silly Fraidy Cat 🐱

So I’m kinda on that wave now of doing every and anything I can before I commit to something like that. Got no problems with committing to putting payments through for skincare! 😂Thats a fact! 😂

Annnndddddd, I think that’s all for cosmetic procedures (how boring am I? You’ll start to learn that V. soon… Or maybe you have already learnt it… 🙃 Sozzzz! 😂). Mamma Faithy recons tattoos are considered cosmetic procedures but I just classify them as ‘Big Mistakes’ what do ya’ll think? 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

That’s all from me.
Just a little chat on cosmetic procedures, let me know your thoughts on it all?
Am I holding myself back from living my best, youthful life?
Or do I have the right idea?
Or… do I just have no idea about anything? Also sounds like a bit of me. Haha.

Let me know!

Always your girl,
Faithy x.
Ps. Imagine in like 5 years you guys see me all Botox and filler’d up on an emergency episode of Botched 😂 Seriously, you don’t know what the future holds! 😂


6 thoughts on “Faithy’s Take on Cosmetic Procedures

  1. Love this ! Great read ! Always thought about laser hair removal sounds ace! I’ve always worried that that’s painfull. I have had two kids so should really man up 😂

    Lots of friends are having lips and botax atm I’m like you in rubbish at sticking to stuff !

    Saff ❤


    1. It is a GAME CHANGER!!! Changed my WHOLE life! I’ve had underarms and Bikini and I am the biggest whimp of all time so I think you will breeze through it 😂❤️ yay! So glad you enjoyed Girl! Thank you!! xx


  2. Laser hair removal sounds amazing!! I’d not heard much about it before so thanks for sharing hunny! I’ve noticed so many more people getting cosmetic procedures recently and if its for the right reasons I’m all for it!! I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to botox when I’m older! xx


    1. AGREED! I feel exactly the same, once I MAN UP and find some guts to have it done 😂😂😂 You are soooo far from needed any form of anything, you lil’ spring chicken!! ❤️ Girl, laser changes LIVES! I am telling you!


    1. You know I had to suck you guys in someeeeehow 😂
      It changed my life having my bikini done! I haven’t had it done in the UK as I got it done back home and now only go once a year for top ups when we visit Australia! So I don’t have a clue where to get it done around here, howeverrrrr I’m going to start looking into it because I want to get everything else done and achieve my hairless naked mole rat goals 😂So I will have a peep around and let you know what I come across!!


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