Chill Girl’s Guide to: Why you don’t have Healthy Blonde Hair.

You know I am OCD about haircare?
Oh, you didn’t know? Well, I am. And its serious.

Its probably ever since I became obsessed with growing my infamous 2010 shaved hair situation.
Or it could be after I decided to dye my naturally blonde hair jet black for 8 years (also one to add to the hair mistake list) and went from Black to Blonde in a couple of months.

Post shaved-and-bleached-hair trauma, how I look after my hair has become so obnoxiously specific.
It’s boarder line a “Do you actually have nothing better to worry about” situation.
And the short answer? No, I don’t.

Soft Waves Blonde Healthy Hair Colour
How To Style Blonde Hair Healthy Blonde Hair Colour Via

Here are my top 4 tips for healthy blonde hair.
Tips from a reformed-shaved head girl who went from jet black to blonde in a year. You’re welcome.


Bonde Balayage Hair
How To Healthy Blonde Hair Treatments Via


1. Wash 1-2 times a week.
ONLY twice if I have a super important event and its not appropriate to attend with Day 5 Hagrid Hair. Like, I’ll be planning my wedding around hair wash day, FOR SURE.
Now, my hair isn’t naturally and I have a whole lot of it. I have heard this helps with not having to wash it and gals with thinner hair tend to struggle in this department.
But I also read here that the more you wash your hair, the greasier it gets.
My advice? Meet your new bestie Dry Shampoo.
And don’t cold turkey the situation. Ease the locks into it!
I have found a once-a-week wash is perfect with a quick spray of some Dry Shampoo in the morning to tie you over.

Olaplex at home Treatments
How To Keep Blonde Hair Healthy With Olaplex No.3 Via

2. At home treatment.

The day I wash my hair I wake up earlier to make sure I can pause my shower half-way through to let an Olaplex No.3 treatment sit in there for 20-30 minutes.
And I am talking: Every. Single. Week.
I’ll comb it through, root-to-tip, with a wide-tooth comb massage it for 2 seconds and let that baby marinade.
I do it every single week, without fail. If I have a super early morning and cant get that extra time in the shower, I’ll pop it in the night before and leave it in over night.
*side note* I actually used to do this with coconut oil before Olaplex was invented. Root-to-tip, once again. Making sure you’re using an old pillow case and double shampooing really well!

Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel
Salon Grade Products For Healthy Blonde Hair Kevin Murphy Via

3. Shampoo and Conditioners.

Probably a tad First World (I told you I am obnoxious about hair) but I don’t use any drugstore shampoos. I’m a little bit of a shampoo snob, if you will.
Grocery store shampoos can be packed with sulfates which are a one-way ticket to brittle, dry, traumatised ends for bleached hair.
I love a Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel or an Oribe situation but have also been trying out the new OLAPLEX Shampoo and conditioner… I’ll let you know if it lives up to my infinite expectations…
I find that Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel range keeps my hair toned and I literally go 6+ months without going to get my hair toned.
Spend the extra money on your haircare, you will see a difference in health, shine and colour. And plus, if you follow step number 1 you’ll only be washing it once a week, so shampoos last for evaaaaa.


How To Style Blonde Hair
Messy Blonde Hair Style Trend Via*2nGiS3mv0Y&ranSiteID=.2nGiS3mv0Y-Crm3b6fkefIXY9ocf04vGQ&utm_source=*2nGiS3mv0Y&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=13368460521&utm_content=457331&siteID=.2nGiS3mv0Y-Crm3b6fkefIXY9ocf04vGQ


4.  Styling it.
I only ever heat style my hair once a week. Usually its an at-home blow-dry, but if I’ve given my hair a break and let it roam free Hagrid-style, I might give it a cheeky straighten at one point throughout the week.
However, it is only ever once a week.

I take my hair situations seriously, because I take my hair seriously. And trust me, if you stared at yourself with a shaved head (by choice) for years of your life, you would also share my extreme hair situations.

Do you guys have any hair tips?
Because why not be more obnoxious about something you’re already obnoxious about?

Leave them below, please and thanks.

Your Bestie,

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