Chill Girl’s Guide : Daily Self Care Ideas For Busy People.

Look, I don’t know you personally so I don’t know your personal perspective on fancy, time consuming ‘self care’ rituals and how highly you prioritise them in your weekly schedule ….

Actually, thats a lie. I absolutely know you personally.

I know that you’ve probably tried to say your self-care mantras… but end up staring at your eyebrows that are overdue a shape-up in the mirror.

I also know when you’re holding that yoga pose on Friday night for 3 more deep breaths, you’re questioning who in their right mind would ever deem this ‘care’ (is it supposed to hurt like this?) and I more-than kinda want to be at home chilling (Like… Hello? Have you Gals ever heard of  Netflix and Chill, or??).

See, I know you real, real, well. Right?

Only because I’d be the girl flopping out of the Downward Dog and asking “McDonalds on the way home, yeah?”.

We’re the same. We don’t have enough time or care to sit and write down our mantras before we recant them in the mirror to our whispy brows.

However, I learnt the hard way that when you decide to just go-go-go and give yourself no time to chill, you can end up holding it all in and having one of those emotional breakdowns because you lose your last of 900,000 hair ties you had while you’re rushing out the door.
That or an insane caffein addiction.

It happens.
We become ticking time bombs.
Because we are Chill Girl’s and Chill Girls have to chill.

Many-a-hair-tie-breakdown under my belt, I came up with 3 ways to practise self care that are so chill and easy, therapeutic and some of them you don’t even have to turn off Netflix for (I know, I am a serious genius)!

Slip Dress: Pretty Little Thing
Boots: iKrush
Bag: Michael Kors
Netted Top: Glassons

HACK #1 Non-meditation
The point of meditation is to quiet, calm, and centre the mind, calm, yes? But when my brain is racing the Formula 1 against all my work deadlines and To-Do lists, you want me to sit still, quiet and not-moving for 10 minutes? HAH! Don’t. You’ll make me spit my Almond Capp all over my laptop. No,no. I need a hack that canquiet my mind while I’m ticking things off my haunting-ass to-do list. 

I need a multi-tasking situation, you know?

Meet, the new non-music to your ears.
A multi-tasking, calming productivity hack sent from the Audio-Gods.

*Siiiiggghhhh* the Secret Non-meditation Meditation.
The Podcast.
Now, trust me, this is a 100% commitment, daily ritual kind of thing.
For me its a total morning thing. After my coffee and somewhere in between a ‘making my bed, doing my skincare + makeup routines and choosing my outfit’ kind of moment.

There is just something about listening to people rant that is so freakin’ therapeutic, right? Is that just Nosey-ol’ me… or…?

Really go for a dig and find a topic you’re interested in, but also don’t be afraid to broaden your Podcast Horizons, as well.

Its a vast AF podcast world, meaning you’ve got hours-worth of content to sift through and will alwayssss find something to listen to.
I listen to Dr Dennis Gross telling me how not to age, Gary Vee getting me psyched up for my day and sometimes just banter and gossip on TSC Him & Her Podcast. It totally depends on how you wake up in the morning and what you’re vibing, you know?
More than anything, its in full support of the productivity/multi-tasking it situation and getting sh*t done, its entertaining, distracts you from stressing over your to-do’s and you might just learn a thing or two (or ten) while you’re at it.  We just all need a little more of that.

Slip Dress: Pretty Little Thing
Boots: iKrush
Bag: Michael Kors
Netted Top: Glassons

2. Defusing Dreams.
Okay, to be honest I thought these were a passing fad. Plus, I’m such a committed candle person I felt like I’d be cheating on the Kyoto Glasshouse Candle love of my life.

But… Eventually I started wanting a wind-down situation for my night time and an energising-up situation for my mornings. As well as having all my Kyoto moments during the day… I am excessive by nature, so I like to work towards my excessive strengths, you know? Plus, there are some cute-ass defusers out there.

I jumped on Amazon and bought the cheapest (but still cutest, obvs), Defuser I could find. It arrived a day later and to be honest I don’t remember what it was like before I blissfully defused my mornings and night times away.

It was love at first… sniff? Whiff? Smell? 

I put in a couple of drops of the a Sleep Essential Oil Blend for the night time to relax and wind down and then a couple of the Breathe Blend or maybe some Stress Essential Oil in the mornings to freshen up and start my day on a total de-stress vibe.
Who the hell doesn’t want that?

It doesn’t sound like a proper self-care thing, but trust me, its an understated self care. 
My defuser has now become one of those little things I don’t really notice, but now can never feel quite right without starting my day with a couple drops on a typical Thursday morning.

That kind of a self-care vibe.

Slip Dress: Pretty Little Thing
Boots: iKrush
Bag: Michael Kors
Netted Top: Glassons

3. Skincare.
You don’t need to know my life story to know my obsession with skincare.
You probably only need to watch one second of my Instagram Stories before you learn all about my Dr Dennis Gross obsession or my top secret ways to use face oils (is 3 different oils at once too much, though?). I love investing in my skincare, I love to take care of my skin, I love talking about my skin, but mostly I love having a non-negotiable morning and night time moment that all about me.  

Let me paint you this picture for a second…
You’re chill, you’re cleansing, exfoliating, serum-ing, moisturising and oiling. The defuser is pumping out something incredible and you’re lol’ing to your new fave Podcast and are about to go make yourself coffee numero.2 for the morning… I meaaaannnnnn!!!

If that ain’t a vibe you want to be a part of, nothing is ever a vibe again.

Slip Dress: Pretty Little Thing
Boots: iKrush
Bag: Michael Kors
Netted Top: Glassons

Now do you believe me? Self-care not only can be easy, but needs to be easy, especially if you’re a Chill Girl. You don’t need 3 hour baths or 3 week vacations to give yourself some me-time (I mean, I’m not about to say no to that, though..).
You just gotta get some daily habits in between that tie you over from one 3 hour bath session to the next trip to Bali!

Thank me later, I accept gifts always, especially flowers and chocolates!

Your girl,

Oh. Faith

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