The Chill Girl’s Guide: 3 Ways You Should Be Wearing A Checked Blazer This Season.

You and I both know we love the no-fuss life, because otherwise… uhhh.. what are you doing here, Girl? Go get yourself onto the Un-Chill Girl’s Guide ASAP!

I live for the effortless chill… I’m pretty sure I must have been born on a Casual Friday.

However, as much as I love a chill outfit moment, I’m still well-and-truly here for a formal-ish checked blazer.
“Olivia?! Are you about to get all serious and formal on us now?!” you say with a horrified look in your eyes.
Noooooo Angel, let me explain…

Not only is it HOT HOT HOT for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season, nothing screams Ultimate Chill Girl with a touch of cool-trendy-tres-chic than a checked blazer (always purchased one size up if you want to get v. specific).

Today I’m sharing three outfits, one blazer. Delivering a Chill Girl dressy Saturday night look, a casual brunch situation and a Cooler than your usual work outfit moment all on a shiny, silver, gold, brass, tortoise-shell.. whatever kinda platter you’re into.

Because who doesn’t love a one-item-to-rule-them-all kind of an item.
I know you got excited over that thought, I got you, girl!

You’re welcomeeeee. Lets go!

Chill But Dressy Still
When we go out we want to look ultimate, but not have to pay for it. Some say the rule to life is ‘beauty is pain’.
I say if you ain’t breaking rules, you ain’t trying hard enough.
*disclaimer* only rules that aren”t real rules. We are law abiding citizens over here on TCGG!

To achieve this chic-but-chill-but-still-seriously-chic situation, take some TDF inspo from the following:

Checked Blazers with nothing underneath is ULTIMATE chic. Its a bit frisky, its a little badass, its a little Casual-Girl-didn’t-want-to-wear-a-bra-on-purpose kind of a vibe. And we live for this.
Live. For. This.

**Plus, you don’t have to buy a top! Money saving, you know?

Slip dresses mean you can go to dinner looking chic.. and order an extra dessert! Teamed with the checked blazer for an Autumnal vibe and a small purse, you have ‘Fancy grabbing a quick bite to eat’ Effortless down to a T.
Get it, girl!

Extra Fancy Brunching
Correct, for some gals, brunch is for rolling out of bed into your T-Shirt from your Netflix and chilling last night, hair in a topknot and hopefully both flip flops, if you can the second one… somewhere.
However, Brunch is also for a cute outfit, some Avo smash, an almond Capp and a pic for Instagram. AM. I. RIGHT?!
Nothing, ever, screams 300000+ Instagram likes than a cute, casual checked blazer moment while you’re candidly-un-candid sipping on your coffee gazing out into the distance.
Its my Saturday Morning routine every week and I ain’t never changing.

Heres how to achieve this “What? Me? No I didn’t spend 45 minutes doing my hair and makeup, I am just this fresh all the time, what? Crazy!!”:

How I street style a Checked Blazer as a casual, grunge outfit

There is something about adding a black Band T to a checked blazer that gives it an extra edgy vibe. I am into the Grunge from the 90s thats come back in. Old school Kate Moss/Sienna Miller kind of vibe. Which I am very much digging RN. Team with black denim to nail the super-grunge, and I also add a chunky belt and Vans, just to be even cuter.

How to wear a checked blazer in 2019 Casual outfit ideas with denim and A white T shirt.

Slightly more put-together, less grunge, but still very casual and Chill Girl approved. White T teamed with denim, some flats and a little cross body bag for tres chic moments. My hot tip is adding blue denim for an extra feminine feel.

Both some cute situations for you fancy brunch date, maybe your best girl’s bday or just an EXTRA kinda Saturday vibe. You got this!

Not Your Usual Workwear
Yeah, I know, I’m not blowing your mind by advising you to wear an obvious checked blazer to work.
Its a standard thing, you get it.
However, we aren’t about to live in Basic Blazer life, I’d never do that to you!
This is how I use my blazer in the workplace to make sure I’m looking responsible (fake it ’till you make it, you know?) while still being your usual un-basic, moment on a Monday (or Tues, Weds, Thurs, and Fri) morning!

How to style a checked blazer for work. Simple Bag and accessories.

Simple top, black smart trousers and a bag. Basic, yeah. But what isn’t basic is the styling. Let me explain… Give me a glam earring, a detailed clutch and sunglasses to brighten up my staples. This helps keep ever-green wardrobe pieces relevant by styling them different in accordance to the trends. Meaning you only invest in one blazer, but wear it all sorts of ways, for years depending on whats coming ’round the Fashion Bend.

The ultimate checked blazer co-ord combo is the perfect power-play workwear outfit. I absolutely drool over women who take masculine shapes and style them perfectly femininely. Its so edgy, so powerful and so badass. Perfectly Chill Girl’s Guide approved. Teamed with some dress shoes, a cute handbag and a belt, this statement outfit is the ultimate of checked blazer style inspo.

There you have it, Angels. My fave ways that you need to be implementing a checked blazer into your wardrobe this year!
How do you wear it?

Lemme know!

Your Girl,


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