The Chill Girl’s Guide: 3 Ways To Nail Corduroy In 2019.

We all know what time of year it is.
‘Tis the season of either a 100% chance of hyperthermia or a 100% chance of sweating your makeup off at brunch. There is no in between.

However, luckily for our sweet Millennial souls, 2019 revives a Style Saviour from the 70’s & 80’s, just in time to combat the midseason
Enter: Corduroy.

Cords are so, very back-in-action after a 30-ish year hiatus, but this time with a millennial vengeance, now we can wear them, love them ad most importantly, selfie them.

Here at CGG HQ we are all about giving our Chill Girls the secrets to tackling all the fundamental must-haves. Whether thats beauty, life hacks and how-to-wear-hair-pins-and-not-look-like-a-5-year-old kind of situations.
What can we say? We save the world, in many more ways than just one hair pin at a time, you know?

Here’s your one-way ticket to nailing corduroy this season.. and exactly where you can buy them. It’s only one-way because you for sure wont want to come back.


Autumn and Spring-friendly, throw this over shorts, T-shirts or layered up for the perfect Chill Girl “maybe I was born with it but really this was incredibly strategic” kind of moment.


The cheeky-split skirt. Structured to perfection with a blazer, but I’d even team it with a see-through tucked-in knitted top (with a lil’ black somethin’ somethin’ bra underneath) in and a Borg Teddy Coat . Thats just me, on a total, ultimate Chill Girl Vibe, though.


We all know Zara manages to take hold of every trend giving us a little extra touch of the Grown Up vibes. Take Cords to the office with these trendy but still corporate-enough trousers, styled exactly as is. Voila. Tres Chic!

Easy, breezy, beautiful. Three ways every Chill Girl can incorporate one of 2019’s midseason must-haves.
What do you think? Are cords here to stay? Or a fleeting midseason moment?

I wanna now!

Love yas.

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