The Chill Girl’s Guide: The 3 Newest Midseason Skin & Beauty Necessities For 2019 – From The Pros!

If you’re skin and beauty obsessed, like moi, then you know that when Autumn and Spring creep around (sunshine… where did you go?) and all of a sudden your favourite cleanser just isn’t doing that thing it usually does anymore, ‘annoying’ is basically the most incredible Fist World Problem understatement of all time.

We spend all summer nailing the dewy foundation look without it sweating off and finally our dry winter lip routine means we DIY sugar scrub our peckers into the silky smooth pouters they should be.
It takes a mission, but we always get there.
But we get there just in time for the season to change, which means it’s juuuust in time for us to be ready to go on a hunt for the next product thats going to balance our imbalances.
Whoever said beauty is pain, was kind of correct. But I thoroughly think they should have added:
“Beauty is pain + an ever-lasting battle between seasons + hormones + moods + sleep cycles + sun exposure + genetics + loads (and I mean LOADS) of $$$.
Doesn’t that sound a little bit more relatable?

Midseason means we need in between-ers to nurture, protect and tide us over until we’re back to those flawless summer bases and un-chapped winter lips.
I went on the hunt to find easy, fuss-free expert advice for Chill Girls on Beauty necessities in those awkward midseason moments.
You’re so welcome!


From Allure and Bydie Beauty, to Glamour Magazine, Balm cleansers have reignited every skincare article, magazine and store shelves since Vogue UK dubbed Eve Lom’s balm cleanser ‘probably the best cleanser in the world’ over a decade ago.
I call myself beauty obsessed…. and I somehow never ever tried a balm cleanser until this year in 2019.
And my thoughts? I’m ashamed of myself.
Once you go balm, you never go back.

I swapped my usual gel cleanser to the K Beauty brand Heimish All Clean Balm for my first cleanse in the evenings.
Gently massaging my face, making sure I’m focussing in on the nooks and crannies that can sometimes sneakily hold onto makeup and SPF, the corners of my nose, eyes and chin.
I found this really deep cleaned allllllll my makeup, sweat and SPF off in the summer, helping to avoid annoying breakouts.


We know those moments when you go into a public bathroom and find your eyes, foundation and contour has slipped half way down your neck?
Not cute.
You’re either smudging your concealer around with your dirty fingers or, if you’re like me, touching it up with a bag-designated Beauty Blender that looks worse for wear and has a couple of hairs and mayyyybe even some biscuit crumbs (a girl gotta eat!) hanging off it.
But I caught up on the recent Cosmopolitan Beauty who informed me of one of the most game-changing product launches of all time.
Introducing… The Beauty Blender Defender!
*crowd goes wilddddd*

I always carry a beauty blender in my bag, for last minute touchups to avoid ending up like a Picasso painting gone wrong.
I keep mine in my bag in a Beauty Blender Defender case for 2 v. important reasons:
1. It helps you find it rolling around at the bottom of your bag.
2. Keeps it clean and hygienic while giving it space to breathe (anyone else worried of growing some sort of bacteria/mushrooms/mould in their beauty blender?…. that just me??).


Yes, even if your skin is oily.
Oily skin can sometimes be your skin’s way of saying, pour me a drink, girl! Overproducing oil is common with dehydrated skin, especially with things like an accidental overdose of products and, of course, midseason weather bipolar.
So I invested in ($104.00 to be exact) Sephora’s top-selling moisturiser that, cool fact, actually sold out twice within the month of launching.

I have recently opted for a new, super hydrating moisturiser in the Tatcha Water Cream.

– I have actually invested in a couple Tatcha products lately, I’m currently working on a review post. In a Nutshell? OB-SESSED.

The weird thing? It really is a water cream. If you’re in your local Mecca, or Beauty store, try the tester, you’ll know exactly what I mean. It feels like cream at first, and spreads into a lightweight water texture, created by its unique hydration delivery system that bursts when it comes in contact with your skin. Made to feel like ‘splashing water on your face’, this moisturiser lives up to the hype.
This has been a major game changer for when when my skin is looking a little lacklustre during the midseason moments.

There you have it, my Angels.
My 3 favourite products to help you kick those Midseason Beauty Blues Trust me, I totally know, its a real thing.
What are some of your favourite beauty hacks for in-between seasons?
I wanna try!

All of the love in every season!
Faithy-aithy. x

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