The Chill Girl’s Guide: Easy Productivity Hacks To Boss Working From Home.

Yes, I like it Chill.
But I like my Chill with a side of Hustlin’, coffee-sippin’ and to-do list tickin’!

I like to get things done my way, with plenty of time to spare (maybe for a cute walk to the beach with my Almond Cappuccino and OOTD picture, you know?).
I don’t like stress, I don’t like fluster and I absolutely do not like rushing. For anything. I will leave 30 minutes before a 15 minute commute because I’m just honestly not here for any kind of a havoc situation.

One thing I have learned since the Hustle Life chose me, is that when you don’t have a manager, boss, colleague or Nosey Nancy checking up on you every 2 minutes (we’ve all had one of them, yeah?), us humans can tend to… drop the ball a little.
Just watching one more episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians before you start the work day… even though its 10am.
Leaving everything you need to do for the week until Thursday because you’re sure you’ll be able to do it in two minutes!
Or promising to start work after you wash your hair… then clean out that bottom drawer in the kitchen…. then quickly run out to the store to buy that cute picture frame…. then get hungry and grab a croissant…. while you’re there you might as well grab a coffee too… actually, you’ll have it here, not take away, because its such a nice day out…. Oh, its 6pm… Ooops, you’l do that work thing tomorrow.

Sound familiar? Yah. Getcha girl. Not having that structure and place to be dose give incredible freedom, but takes a lot of discipline if you want to make it work.

After completing my Bachelor Degree and working for myself for the last 4 years, the girl who lives and breathes Ultimate Chill has the ultimate tips and tricks for you, Honey!
Let’s get into it!


Just, literally, leave. Get out of your house.
If you don’t have a calm, serene work-from-home situation, you need to go find somewhere that does.
When my house is a little chaotic, I slip out, on my own, to a coffee shop with my diary, a coffee, my laptop and my charger (do not forget a charger ever, by the way!).
Without the distraction of the dishwasher going off, that wardrobe that should really be sorted or the Desperate Housewives re-runs on TV, being isolated outside of my usual surroundings really does the trick.
Think of it like an office, but paying for coffee… not rent!


Nothing says “*siiiiiighhhh* I ain’t gettin’ anyyyything done todayyyy” like staying in your pyjamas.
Get up at a decent hour, wash your face, do your hair and get into an outfit you wouldn’t mind being caught dead in. Gone are the days that you traumatise the delivery man when you open the door for a parcel and you look like Bananas in Pyjamas vs Rocky Horror Picture Show.
We’re obviously Chill Girls, we’re not talking dressing to head into a board meeting, but a cute pair of jeans and a nice top will notttt kill you. Promise.
You feel put-together, professional and ready for the day, like the Chill Bossbabe Angel that you are.


Weekly productivity is killed by overworking on the weekends.
– What? A productivity post all about not working? Counterproductive?
Incorrect. –

Working on the weekend is draining AF. Steals all your Monday Motivation juice and steals the brain down-time you so, literally, absolutely, totally deserve.
Fixing your productivity during the week (review first and second options above) means you have the entire weekend off. Its amazing to work from home or run your own business and if you’re super-duper lucky, you’re passionate about your job. Even the most passionate people need to switch off, regroup and have some down time.
Make sure you’re scheduling those much needed Chill Girl weekend situations to help keep you on your A-Game throughout the week.

There you have it, Angel.
Tell meeee, whats your fave productivity tips? One can never be efficient enough!

Love forever and ever and evaaaa

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