The Chill Girl’s Guide: The Evergreen Trend Not Going Anywhere In 2019

I love those trends that go in and then don’t go out.
Thats the key, here. We all have those overgrowing collections of pieces spilling out of our wardrobes (guilty as charged!), but what about the evergreen ones that continue to spill out of our shelves every season, every year?
The ones that you can rely on, that are worth the (not-so-many) pennies!
The ones that pop up on every IT Fashion Girl’s Instagram account. Every. Single. Year.
Now, thats my kinda jam!

So I love when a style trend comes in, hangs around and, better yet, comes back around the next year…. and the next year….. and then the next.
But, I’m a tough judge, I don’t just select any item into this list.
To really qualify as an ever-green style item of clothing:

1. It’s gotta be cute – Check!
2. It’s gotta be something you can pull out in Summer, Autumn, Winter 7 Spring! – Check!
3. You have to look at it and say “Oh yeah, that actually goes super cute with… [insert item of clothing you have worn 3298489 times] t least 1-2 times a week. – Check, Check, Check!

Because evergreen has to mean efficient.
Euuughhhh. You don’t even know the joy it gives me to Check all 3 of those boxes.
And thats because it’s exactly what we’re here to discuss today. Checks.
(I know, I know, that intro was spot on).
Checked skirts, if we’re getting super-duper specific. Which, of course we are.

The checked skirt is an undying breed. Its cute enough to give kinda-cute Clueless vibes, but Badass-y enough to wear in your edgy moment (my all day erryyyday vibe).
Stockings/tights underneath and a cosy jacket for the cooler months and perfectly puffed sleeves or a simple T for the summer.
Its like the Checked Skirt is the real MVP for style staples.

I found my super-affordable and perfectly true-to-size checked skirt from Verge Girl.
And I’m wearing her, very nearly 3 times a week.
She just gets along with everything, like the Cool Girl at school that everyone’s friends with.

She’s simple, she’s effective and, Hell! Thats basically the definition of The Chill Girl’s Guide.

How do you style checked skirts? Or is it checked trousers you’re into (I have a growing collection of them, too… send help!!).
Orrrrrrr, even better yet, is there an even better Evergreen style staple I’m missing?
– Come on! Give me a reason to buy something else fun!
Let me know below.

Thanks for comin’ to Chill!
Your girl,
Liv x

P.S. Although there are no affiliate links used, a huge thank you to Verge Girl for collaborating with me on this post!

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