The Chill Girl’s Guide: 3 Easy Office Outfit Styles To Definitely Be The Best Dressed At Work.

I dunno about you, but my wardrobe is perfectly split into even halves.

1st half: Okay, okay okay! You got style Girl, rock this to the office you Cutie Pie!
2nd half: Baby Girl, you feeling okay? Do you need to borrow some money for a meal…?

Perfectly even halves.
One half is my Life Attire of blazers and T’s and cute checked trousers.
The other half I like to call Couch Comfies. Probably stolen from my man’s old T-Shirt drawer at some point and those tracksuit pants 4 sizes too big that I manage to fit a hot water bottle into when its that time of month.
Perfectly. Even. Halves.

However, One can only own so many checked blazers, navy blazers, linen blazers (only a tiny bit excessive), before my work outfits just look so. damn. samesy. You know?
The problem with this is that I am totally the kind of person who’s work day vibes off my outfits:
Gingham print trousers with a crew neck T-shirt, some chunky earrings and a jacket? Best believe I’m smashing my to-do list today.

If you’re like me (course you are, Bestie), work isn’t time to just wear the same old black pants with the same style T-shirt in 5 different colours Monday – Friday.
We deserve more than that.

So here, I have compiled my favourite ways to easily sass-up my office outfits, making sure I’m feeling inspired and productive…. until 5:30pm comes around and I’m sliding back into my Couch Comfies.
Let’s go!

Dose of Colour

Now we aren’t rocking up in a rainbow, Tie-dye situation, I’m talking a cute, tailored co-ord, that screams “YEAH! I AM PROFESSIONAL, BUT I ALSO LOOK JUST AS COOL AS I ACTUALLY AM”.
Winner winner!

Crew Neck Cosy

Warm – Check
Appropriate – Check
Goes with all kinds of trousers/skirts/jeans/anythings – Check, check, check annnnd check!

Crew neck sweaters are versatile, look cute layered with necklaces if you’re feeling extra (yeah, duh) and give that little bit of street wear style making it totally work-to-cafe appropriate. My only tip here is to be aware of what materials are appropriate with your workplace, I love a casual moment, but I’m also a big fan of a cute cashmere if I’m going luxe.

Wide Leggers

Go for the upgraded work trouser situation by adding a little more sass. Cute in both linen for the summer, and fabulous as a longer and more formal option.
My top tip: Try them on and get them tailored to you. I am a short-legged girl who thought she’d never be able to sport the wide leg trouser trend.. until I got them tailored to my short little legs. Now? I’m obsessed!

There you have it, Office Angels!
What are you fave ways to spice up your work situations?
Share with Faithy!

Back in my Couch Comfies clicking POST RN.
Love Yas!
Oh Faiiith x

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