The Chill Girl’s Guide : Three Easy Tips For Intermittent Fasting That You Need To Know Now – Meal Plan Ideas Included!

I don’t usually like to get too technical and scientific on here, mainly because:
A) I couldn’t be further from a Scientist
B) I spend too much time cracking bad jokes about creating the perfect weekend outfit to have time to actually talk about fancy technicalities.

However, today, my friends. This all changes.
Why? Because I have been experimenting with one of the most talked-about eating habit of the last year, and I have a bloomin’ lot to share with you.
Thats right, Baby! We are talking all things Intermittent Fasting.

Before I get started, a friendly disclaimer: If you are wanting to practise safe intermittent fasting, talk to your local Doc to give you the A-OK before you start.
I’m not one thats ever had a problem with weight *touches wood*, I’ve always been able to really simply eat everything in moderation and practise regular exercise in order to stay shape.
Meaning I never had a real interest in adopting the Intermittent Fasting technique for weight loss. However, I couldn’t stop hearing about the health benefits which include a reduced risk of chronic health conditions, improved heart and brain health, and, the most intriguing to me, gut health.
As medicine progresses, and with one of the leading Women’s Health Naturopaths in Australia as an Aunt, scientists are beginning to see an increasing link between improper gut function and chronic illnesses. So, making sure my gut is healthy and functioning has been a largely-important priority of mine for the last few years. Especially since experiencing hormonal imbalances due to PCOS (oh, the joys!).
However, I’m a girl who will never, ever skip her Avocado toast for breakfast, which, initially, was a total dampener on my intermittent fasting dreams. Until I made these simple adjustments to the technique for me to still be able to enjoy my breakfasts every day, while giving my gut the love it needs and deserves.

Fasting Times

As I mentioned, I don’t give up my Avo smash for no-one. Literally, not one person. I’m just selfish like that.
So in order to squeeze an intermittent fast in there, I make sure I have dinner around 5:30pm most nights. This means by the time I’m up and ready for breakfast by 8:30am.
Professionals suggest fasting between 14-16 hours. So I hit right on that 15 hour sweet spot in the middle to make sure I get all the benefits.
And just to clarify, I still eat 3 meals a day and a snack.
Every. Single. Day.
Here’s a little diagram of what my usual daily eating habits would look like:

Drop That ‘D’ Word

My number one rule in eating habits: DO NOT TELL YOURSELF IT IS A DIET.
Something happens when you use that ‘D’ word that instantly puts our brain in desperation mode and all of a sudden we’re craving all sorts of sweets and fries and burgers at 10pm at night, that we never would have wanted if we didn’t feel so restricted with that ‘D’ word.
It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle choice.
We do not intermittent fast because we hate our bodies, we intermittent fast to help our bodies, to help our digestion and to be the healthiest version of ourselves. I am over the ‘D’ word, I am over the body shaming and hating we all experience.
Remember to love your body for the amazing functioning machine it is every day, you would be surprised how much healthier you are when you learn to love your body and treat it with respect.

Chill Out

To be honest, we shouldn’t be taking anything too seriously in life, and intermittent fasting is one of them. Let me explain –
Usually eat by 5:30pm but you have your Bestie’s birthday dinner Friday night at 7:30pm??
You will survive. Don’t be the Negative Nancy not ordering food because you don’t want to break your fast.
Missing a day or two will not – and I repeat – WILL NOT ruin your life.
Enjoy Bestie’s dinner out and get onto the intermittent fasting train the very next day. You intermittent fast so that your body is in a healthier condition when times like this pop up and you’ve got a super exciting event to enjoy.
Just chill out and enjoy it, and have a slice of cake for me, K?!

So there you have it, my top 3 tips to cut out the stress of Intermittent Fasting for the Chill Girl.
What are some of your tips? Do you do intermittent fasting? If so why/why not? Would love to know!

Keep it real, Angels
Liv xx

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