The Chill Girl’s Guide To Anti Ageing Skincare In Your Late 20’s

Since crossing the big ol’ road bump of 27, *shudders* I wake up, look in the mirror and think… Ahhhh, K. So I guess these lines and stuff are just gonna be sticking around now? Nice.

This year I decided to take super serious care of my skin. This was mainly inspired by a rapid onset and totally ghastly encounter with PCOS breakouts (more posts on this to come… I feel you PCOS girls, I feel you!) and because my commitment anxiety to Botox is somehow still apparent?? – When will I grow out of this?? Send help, k?

Thank your lucky boots, dear friends, because today I come to you baring great gifts of wisdom that I have collected after all my time asking too many questions on the facial table.

Find Yo Spot

If you’re relying on Google reviews before dumping $$$ on skincare products, then we gotta talk, my babies.
No one, and, one more time for the people in the back, no oneeeee, can give you any kind of skincare advice without physically looking at your skin.
You need someone to physically see:

  • Where you are creasing? – aka: area of concern
  • Are the lines hereditary? – aka: what is on the way
  • How does your skin react to certain peels? – aka: allergy possibilities
  • Do you have issues with Puffiness? Dehydration? Texture? – aka: specify this situation

You can’t rely on Google to give you a straight-up answer when you search ‘Best Avo Smash Near Me, But Also Needs Good Coffee Too Please, And Must Be Insta Worthy Cos I Look Cute And Needa Take A Quick Pic’, so how can you rely on it for the preservation of that glorious mug? See what I mean?
You gotta take it to an expert.
My top tip? Shop around! Most skincare clinics offer free consultations. You’re better off booking a few consults with skin specialists to see who fits and who has the best plan to get the results you’re after.

Medical Grade Skincare

This stuff is my jam. I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too, but, unfortunately, no matter how much we’re spending at Sephora, it really *isn’t* the same.
However, and there is a major however here, I suggest medical grade skincare only when you have a specific skincare issue you want to address. I needed to address breakouts and I wanted an intense anti ageing routine that was going to visibly do something.
You will be paying more for these products.
Think of it like this:
Do you perform as well on a decaf coffee as you do with a double shot? Hell no. And thats what I’m talking about when it comes to skincare.
Give me that double shot situation. All. The. Time. Please.

Disclaimer: Once again, you can find fabulous skincare products at your local Sephora and Mecca Cosmetica if you’ve got no reaaaal skin issues to address and you’re looking to up the anti. I absolutely love the Dr Dennis Gross peel pads and moisturiser. But for my specific situation, I needed to bring in the Big Guns!

Treatment Options and Regimes

This will (and should!) change. My skincare regime now, 6 months after taking the deep-dive into Skincare Obsession is different to how it was when I first dipped my toe in.

My first regime included a double cleanse and a moisturiser alongside my fortnightly peels.

My current regime includes a double cleanse, an exfoliation, a retinol and a (different) moisturiser, alongside a peel every 3-4-ish weeks – and after having done one SkinPen treatment, more to come on this!

My next regime, after my next SkinPen, according to my beautician, is the introduction of a Vitamin C serum. This will come with less facial peels every month or so.

This is kind of why I like having a skincare specialist – They know how to introduce certain things at certain times that work specifically for your skin.

And thats it! My top tips to anti-ageing skincare for the latter half of the 20’s, the scary half of the 20’s, you know? For now, I’m living for my peels, skincare and SkinPens and loving that I don’t have to commit to anything more invasive at this point, like, so damn happy.

How do you look after your skin? My entire life goal is to drown myself in all the anti-ageing secrets of all time, every day for forever. So if you’re in the know of the how-to, share the tips and tricks with your Chill Girl Sisterhood. We’ll love and appreciate ya forever, k.

Love ya!
Faithy x

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