About The Chill Girl’s Guide


Yeahhhh so, I’ve re-written this page about 29874 times hoping it will tick all the boxes of a perfectly curated ‘ABOUT’ page:

Specific enough.
Captivating enough.
Funny enough.
Personality enough.
Olivia Faith-y enough.
Can someone add BORING ENOUGH to that list, please and thanks?!

You should have read the first draft.
It was almost as exciting as an analytical essay on the taste of water.
And I somehow had 12 mental breakdowns while writing it. I mean, it was tragic.

Tragedy because while I was following all these pretend ‘ABOUT’ page rules, I actually forgot the title up in lights of the currently-still-living story of my life:
Your Girl gotta be Chill.

Chill’ is pretty much the most defining value in my entire book of values (You can find it in paragraph 3. Just after Coffee and just before Nutella and Online shopping, FYI). 

Chill is an art. It is a lifestyle, a chosen mentality, if you will.
True ‘Chill’ is more than just deciding on going to the gym and then paying a membership for the next 3 years without attending.
No. Chill is a commitment.

Chill is absolutely not re-writing your About page 29874 times.

So, I scrapped it. Because it was boring.
And because I want to properly welcome you to this lil internet site in proper Faithy Fashion which is all very raw, real, relaxed and unrevised.

This is your new hub, free of judgement, filters (k. a lil’ bit of lightroom and a touch of VSCO because obviously I’m human), and most importantly – no fuss.

>>> Think: A sleepover at you Best Friend’s house with a Carrie Bradshaw style obsession to the soundtrack of any Drake album, ever.<<<


That’s a whole entire vibe right there, you on it?

“Yeah, cool vibe, Girl. But like, why???” you literally just said.

Because these days there is a lot going on.
Its all about the Followers and the Likes.
And if the outfit is On Brand.
Its about living for the 2 hours spent in glam just to upload the ‘I Just Woke Up Like This’ snap from bed.
And the daily Googling of ‘How does One live their best life, exactly?’ kind of moments.
It is a lot, you know?

Due to the afore mentioned Drama-rama (thats the scientific name), I did something that every Millennial does at one point or another – Rebranded my blog. Because, as the first, actual Billionaire of our generation says, I had a moment where I was “Like, just realising stuff”.

I realised we pretty much live in the midst of a life-long Cortisol party.
Somehow already hungover.
With no option of a McDonalds drive through on the way home.
“WHAT? How did she just basically describe my life right now?” you also just said again (see, I get you on a soul level).
Yes, Babe. I know I did. That is why I created the Chill Girl’s Guide.
All for you and exclusively for you.**
And because nothing should deny you a McDonalds drive-through on the way home. 

Because we all need simple.
We all need straight-forward.
And we all need chill.

So, here you have it, The Chill Girl’s Guide.
Your no-fuss resource to style, beauty and life, all simply delivered to you on a very simple, minimal platter.
Just how it should be.

Go grab your pipin’ hot Cappuccino and come Chill with me, Honey.
I got you! 

Love ya
Olivia Faith

** And also all of your like minded friends, so you should go tell them about this page. Only if you want to though, no pressure.. ****

****No, but seriously go tell them and share the page. Thanks, Baby Girl. You the Actual Bomb.com and also my bestie forever. Lets get matching bracelets. K?

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